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Borisoglebsk Local History and Art Museum

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Do you appreciate history, art, fond of collecting, enjoy visiting museums, cherish your inner world?

If yes, learn the history of Borisoglebsk Local  History and Art Museum - one of the oldest museums in Voronezh region,  you will be introduced with amazing exhibits, will be able to look through the old photos, ask questions interested you. We will try to evaluate our past ,which seems to be gone forever and our present.

 Lovers of art will discover many interesting aspects for themselves.

Borisoglebsk is a remarkable corner of Russia, located in a picturesque place at the confluence of the rivers Vorona and Khopyor.  The city gave Russia a lot of names of artists who were the glory of our Fatherland. A.P.Ryabushkin, A.V.Kuprin, I.I.Sholohov, A.A.Rudyakov and many others were among of  them.

 Borisoglebsk Local  History and Art Museum  was based in the second decade of   XX century. This period was marked by the development of agriculture, industry, construction of new routes , opening of new schools, libraries, bookstores, a cinema. New ideas were everywhere: in the new history, natural science,   literature. The advanced pedagogical community   adopted  new requirements of the time very sensitively.

Museum grew out of patriotic movement. It was time of "pedagogical searches "  new forms of teaching.  

Contact information:

Address: 180, Lenin Square 2/Svoboda St., Borisoglebsk, Voronezh Region, 397160

Phone: 8-47354-6-21-88,

fax: 6-04-55

The museum is open for visitors: Daily, except Sunday and Monday: 10.00 - 18.00

Thursday: 12.00 - 20.00

break: 13.00 - 14.00


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