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About city

Modern Borisoglebsk is the administrative, industrial and cultural center in the North East of Voronezh region. It is connected by railroads and highways directly with the regional center and Moscow, Tambov, Saratov, Volgograd regions.
Borisoglebsk is a hospitable city. We are always welcome our guests and everyone, who come to Borisoglebsk, stay at the hotel with the same name.

   "Borisoglebsk" Hotel … This name promises hospitality, peace and comfort.  The  hotel  was based in 1968. The hotel was proud of everything new for that time: neat, clean rooms, which had all necessary things : own restaurant and a car park, electric lift.  Time went on. Governors, names of the countries were changing, there was no Soviet Union. All of these affected  to the work of enterprises in the city. And   “Borisoglebsk” hotel had hard times. In March 2001, the administration of the city decided to combine  "Borisoglebsk" hotel and the municipal market into one enterprise - Municipal Unitary Enterprise (MUE) “Borisoglebsk Center of Service for  the Population”   After 40 years the hotel "Borisoglebsk"  changed its appearance: rooms and hotel halls were reconstructed and repaired,  the furniture, interiors, home appliances  were updated.

There were many well-known people among visitors of "Borisoglebsk" hotel. Vyacheslav Dobrynin, Victor Saltykov. Brothers Radchenko, Edita Piekha, Valentina Tolkunova, many politicians and ministers stayed here. Foreign delegations often come to the city and they stay in our hotel with pleasure . All guests are happy with the quality of service. Smiles of our visitors and words of gratitude are the indicator of  successful work.

The guarantee of prosperity of hotel business  first of all  is the people working in it. But this is true only when they work  efficiently.   Our professional staff   always do their job professionally. Many of them attended the training courses. Administrators were trained in the school of hospitality and restaurant service "Yar" in the course "Hotel Business and Hospitality" and passed the final exam perfectly well .

 The time  does not stand still. And "Borisoglebsk" hotel is moving  with it, developing and improving. We believe that this page will be filled in further, because we will have great future ...

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